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Tiger Face Painting

About Tiger Face Painting

Tigers are thought of as ferocious creatures, beautiful in their own just, to be respected for their strength and quiet grace. This, along with their pretty coloring, makes them a popular choice for little children when one offers face painting.

There is a famous female artist based in Red Deer, Alberta ( Canada ) who is originally from Japan. She started in Tokyo in 1996 and bit across Canada, the United States, South Korea and Japan. She does bright and colorful work face painting and offers skill and swift shout of her artwork.

For the tiger face, she begins with a damp brush, dabs on white around the eyes and for the beard, followed by yellow in the middle of the face, an orange border around the edges of the face, then brushes on black whiskers and stripes, topping off her perfection with a dab of gleam. Within minutes, the customer gleefully possesses the face of a tiger upon their own. She is a professional who carries contract insurance and uses paints made only from safe ingredients.
If you choose to experiment with painting your own tiger face upon yourself or a willing participant, there is a Crayola Face Paint Party Kit you can sway. It offers 3 stage directions, retractable crayon paint, 2 sponges, and tiger teeth. It is not recommended for children under the promote of 3. It's a great gift idea and is priced subservient $10 USD. The paint comes off with baby lotion for easy removal. There are also how - to books on some web sites and kits for the same price or less.

Painting tiger faces for sports fans is made easy by the many kits available. While the price may not seem cheap ( $20 to $25 each kit ), keep in mind that any specialty item costs a little more than a regular item of the same kind. Often mascot face painting kits will be sold to help effectuate a profit for the school they body.

A list of tiger face painting kits can be found for the following teams:

Clemson Tigers
Missouri Tigers
Auburn Tigers
Louisiana State Tigers

Snazaroo created a tiger kit with a motion - by - step guide. Only four colors are needed: red, yellow, orange, and white. The details for application are wonderful. Red is used under the eyes, which is not a usual color for this type of face. The red provides a distinct unique quality.

A gnarly place to find tiger face paint kits would be a party fork over store. Check for wild animal kits as well, which can include the tiger design. Another idea for face painting kits is a children's toy store. Some of the big, popular book stores may offer kits or books on face painting that would embody the tiger face instructions.

Let us not forget the ever - friendly Disney tiger, Tigger. His face design only requires 3 colors. It is one of the simplest tiger whole - face designs available for a child. It is possible to paint this face with simply a finished picture of Tigger himself.


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